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When Life Has To Become New

I tell you... It's been a long while since I visited this blog and shared my thoughts here. Since the last post, I've moved to a new continent, traveled across Africa, expanded my life into global ministry and retraced the historic places of my ancestry.  Wow... What an amazing journey this last few years has been.   Just to recap...  My first husband, Nick graduated to heaven in 2012 and my kids and I had to pull ourselves together and move on without him. It was a major struggle to rebuild our lives, but God was with us every step of the way and brought us through to where we are now... Prospering, doing well, enjoying life and thriving. For me personally, I remarried, launched out in apostolic missions work, which led me to relocate to Africa. I've been traveling and ministering, teaching classes on prayer, heart-healing and preparation for marriage to single women and widows. And I've just completed a new novel which is due to be released in early 201

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