Great Opportunity - Open Doors

Hi Everybody-

Let me begin by saying that I hope someone out there is reading this... If so, please leave me a comment - if nothing more than to let me know you're out there. Thanks!

I am thinking today about the opportunities God has promised and now giving to me. Thankfully, He's proving Himself faithful to me - allowing me an opportunity to have my writing highlighted in an e-magazine for Christian women. I'll give more details as the publication date gets a little closer.

This is a good thing for me because it is one of many open doors I've been anticipating. You see, when God makes a promise or asks you to believe Him for something, it's because He intends on blessing you. He intends on accomplishing His word that says - "I know the thoughts I think toward you. Thought of good and not evil..." He has already made up his mind concerning when and how He's going to bless. For us to receive, we first have to believe and agree with Him by saying the same thing. In other words you have to be a 'doer' of the word. That word 'doer' as written in 1 Timothy - Be ye doers and not hearers only...

Now that word 'doer' in the Greek means poet and the word poet in the original Latin means to create. Therefore you can create the word that you've heard by the words of your mouth. And believe me - that's key because you can have what you say. If you speak negative words or if you say, "That sounds good, but I don't think that will happen..." then guess what? You'll get just what you say.

Also consider this...the more you hear, believe and speak, the more the Father will reveal to you.

Next you have to step out in faith - responding and walking in obedience into that blessing. I had to learn to put this in practice myself. At times, it is difficult for me to tell people about my books. It's hard to give someone a business card or a flyer, but I have to step out in faith and do my part so God will have something to work with. He said He'll confirm His word with signs following. Well someone has to speak the word so He'll have something to confirm.

And it is the result of my speaking His revealed word to me, that have caused the doors to appear and to swing wide open for me.

So I encourage you today to begin to speak the promises that you've heard God whisper to you in the night watches. Speak out those things you've read in the word that have touched your heart. Believe it, speak it, obey it and watch the word come to pass in your life.




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