Nothing Constant But Change

Hi All -

I am sitting at my old computer in my new city, thinking about all the things that have changed in my life over the past few weeks. New life, looking for a new job, needing to finish old books that will be new to the world. Seems like things are constantly changing.

Life, death, birth, transition - all words symbolizing that if you continue to live, you will have to learn to master change.

I've had to deal with the changes in my life when my husband was confronted with a life-altering illness. Right now I'm thinking of the changes taking place in the lives of two friends.

One whose wonderfully funny and supportive mother just lost her battle with cancer. Another who has just been sent to a hospice - again cancer. I think of the changes her daughter will undergo - she and my daughter are close friends and share the same birth date a year apart. I'm thinking of ways we can support her as she has to look forward to her future despite the loss she's facing.

Change -

The way life ebbs and flows
The way folks come and go
The way we live and die
The way we laugh and cry
The way we love and give
The way we choose to live
Seems to me that nothing ever stays the same
And if it does what does that say about us?
Have you truly mastered change?


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