Never Too Old To Change

Hi Friends-

I had the pleasure of attending the very first Women's Day service of a small church in my neighborhood. Being new to the city, we've met a few of the members and they have been extremely good to us - in fact they have been a tremendous blessing. The President of the Women's Ministry who hosted the program gave me a special invitation. After considering nor going - wanted to relax instead - I remembered that I had given my word, so I got dressed and walked across the street.

Yes, I know it would have been pitifully lazy not to get up and go all the way across the street - but I went and I'm glad I did. The church was packed and just about every seat was taken. The church is located in a geographically small area with about twenty church. The President of the Women's Ministry was determined to bring some unity to these churches, not only to encourage and strengthen women members, but also for the older women to reach out to the younger women.

There are many in the community, but very few attend the churches because there is a disconnect. Due to her faithfulness and her faith in God, she was able to bring together a number of women for this service - the first of its kind to birth her God-given vision. And the services was beautiful...A child gave the welcome, the choir of women lifted the praises and the word of God came forth from a powerfully anointed woman of God - encouraging us to "Hold on to the promises of God."

And in my estimation - the highlight of the evening came when the ninety-two year old pastor stood to give his remarks. Now understand - this pastor had never before allowed a woman to preach from his pulpit - no matter how anointed, gifted or holy. He just didn't believe in such things.

Yet after the Lord got finished blessing and speaking the people, He moved on this pastor's heart who stood and said, "This is the first time in the twenty years I have been over this church that I let a woman preach in the pulpit, but this is a breaking down of barriers."

Now if this man of God can respond to the nudging and prodding of the Holy Ghost and change a lifetime of a traditional mindset, we can never, ever say we are too old to change. I believe that because of his openness and willingness to move with the spirit of God, this will mark a new day and a new beginning in the life of this church as well as this community. Praise God!

So be willing to change. Be open to a new mindset and trust that the Lord will perfect that which concerns you.




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