A Little About Trinity's Hope

Trinity’s Hope

The heartwarming story of a young girl’s passage to adulthood...

A journey of self-discovery & acceptance...

A story of purity, faith & love...

Trinity Hope Carondolette graduates high school and embarks on her journey into womanhood as she steps onto a college campus in Louisiana. Hailing from a family of Christian believers, all excelling in impressive careers, expectations run high for the youngest child as she stands in the shadow of a great legacy. Not wanting to disappoint, she figures the best way to stay out of trouble is to avoid men altogether. However, her plan goes awry her first day on campus when she is literally knocked off her feet by the handsome and unassuming Christian Stephenson, a fellow believer who falls hard for Trinity, experiencing love at first collision.

As friendship blossoms into love, the couple struggles to pursue a romantic relationship and keep their Christian virtues intact. Surrounded by ravenous hounds and desperate females, Trinity and Chris explore the wonder of a first love while trying to handle a rigorous class schedule, a deepening physical attraction and maintaining their personal integrity. Learning as they grow, you’ll fall in love with this couple as they work to define their faith and their relationship in their own terms.

Trinity's Hope is Inspiring, Entertaining & Life-Changing!

An Excellent story for Mothers, Daughters & Friends to share!

A wonderful resource for youth groups and book clubs!

"This is an endearing story of love & determination between two young Christians. An inspiration for young believers. In reading it, I was captivated.” Shades of Romance Magazine


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