Some Things About Me (That I Have To Put In A Post Because I Am A Wordy Writer & All This Won't Fit In The About Me Section...I Tried.)

Hi Everyone,

I just thought I'd take a moment and introduce myself to some and get those who know me caught up on the goings on in my life. I think this need to redefine myself comes after I went to take a professional photo that will go on the back of my novels. After taking no less than a week to try and come up with the best way to present myself (after all millions of people could see this photo) I schlumped down to my local mall and went into the quickie snap and run photo studio. They took three poses and I got to pick the best pose. Yeah...I know. I needed like 57 and a glam squad.

Anywho...there's actually a funny story about the head wrap. At least it's funny now. It wasn't too funny then. The night before picture day, I gave myself a quick snip-snip with the scissors and the unthinkable happened. I cut a plug in my head right in front and as much as my kids tried to convince me that it wasn't that bad - it was horrific. Especially if Oprah ends up seeing that picture. 'Cause you know she will! Not wanting to appear like I was experiencing male pattern baldness, I opted to go ethnic and do the wrap. However, my daughter was right and I didn't have enough fabric to get the look I was after so instead of sister-chic, I got more of a middle eastern fez. Oh well - hair grows back and I think I can scrape up another $14 bucks for another shot in a couple weeks.

Anyway the entire ordeal of taking a photo had me a little freaked out. I thought the photo was awful, but the colors were bright and the photo was clear so I knew then it had to be the subject. My oldest son confirmed it when he said, "Mom, it's not the picture. You just don't want to accept that that's the way you look." OUCH! (That's what I get for asking a 17 year old.)

But he was right. The picture, which does not really show off my recent weight loss as well as I had hoped, had me wondering where all those lines came from. And we won't even talk about the gray hair.... But then I started thinking about that fact that I have changed. I have aged, matured, become more seasoned and even more appreciative. The following are a few of the things I've recently discovered about myself.

At this time in my life:

I’d rather have a good idea to write about than a good night's sleep. (That’s what naps are for.)

I'd rather be caught up in a creative flow, than a traffic jam.

I enjoy the peace of turning off the TV, turning on India Arie & letting the words flow from my soul.

I've discovered that solitude is beautiful & being able to laugh at myself is a joy.

I realized that even though he has gone through a lot of physical changes due to the parkinson's, my husband is still the sweetest man I know and I still love talking to him about everything and nothing.

I'm also extremely thankful for my kids. Even with all their faults, fights, quirks and schrimiches, they are pretty good kids and very kind people. Over the past four years each have had to make sacrifices which were painful for all of us. But praise God they are the better for it and I am so bless to have the pleasure of being their mom.

I've learned that God still and always has, had my back. Although in recent years I've gotten more caught up in the trials and tribulations and how they affect me, I've recently come to understand how much GOD really has everything under control.

I've learned that I don't have to accept every piece of bad news the world has to offer and I don't have to have an opinion about it. I've learned that some things are just not my business. I've also learned that I'm better off not knowing some things.

In short, I'm learning to take things in stride, not sweat the small stuff & appreciate the little things.

So as my girl India says,

Give me my guitar, give me a bright star
Give me some good news, give me some cute shoes
Give me Atlanta, give me Savannah
Give me my peace of mind

Give me some Stevie, give me some Donny
Give me my daddy, give me my mommy
Pour me some sweet tea, spoonful of honey
I don't need no Hollywood

But don't get me wrong, though. I wanna sell books cause I gotta make money. And getting on the Essence Bestseller list would be pretty cool at this point in my life.

Love y'all! Hollar at me some time.

Blessings- Melissa

P.S. I can't find the spell check on here so over look my typos. I am 90% inspiration and 10% grammatical perfection. And yes, I know schlumped is not a real word but it works.

Speaking of a nap…………….


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