Trinity's Hope - Coming May 2010

I am so pleased to announce the release of my novel, Trinity's Hope!

Trinity's Hope is the first novel in the Carondolette Family Series ~ 

A family that stays together, prays together and lives life to the fullest. Overcoming poverty, loss and abandonment, Charles & Acacia have worked hard and believed hard to create a good life and a strong legacy of faith for their family.

Trinity Hope Carondolette the youngest child in this family of prominent professionals and passionate believers and she's anything but a typical teenager. Once on a college campus and no longer under the shadow of her parents’ faith, Trinity struggles to find her place and a way to sustain her personal relationship with God. While surrounded by ravenous guys and desperate females, Trinity experiences the wonder of a first love. Committed to keeping her virtues intact, she learns to make abstinence a reality, resisting the temptations that could lead to broken vows and devastating consequences. Explore Trinity’s world as she grows to experience life and define it in her own terms.

Trinity's Hope is Christian-based, entertaining and a must read book for every teenage girl. If you have a daughter, granddaughter, sister, niece or friend leaving home for college, DO NOT let her set foot on that campus until she reads the book!!!




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