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Hello...I thought I'd give everyone a little peek inside the pages Trinity's Hope. Enjoy!

     Trinity woke early, feeling relaxed and refreshed from the time spent swimming at Aunt Angelle’s and Uncle Christophe’s home. Except for Mark trying to be the best friend she never wanted, to her surprise, she actually enjoyed hanging out with Daniel’s friend. The girls were friendly and with her competitive nature, Trinity loved dunking on the guys while they played water basketball in the pool. After a yawned and a long stretch, she closed her eyes and allowed herself to think about the tall, dark guy with the gorgeous eyes.

     Picturing them in her mind, Chris’ eyes were the color of dark chocolate and surrounded by thick lashes that lazily brushed his cheeks when he blinked. A smile tugged at the corner of her mouth as her thoughts drifted back to the way his lean physique slid easily through the water as he swam. She could still remembered how his hand felt strong and secure when she held it for the handshake that made her insides turn to jelly. Recalling his soft, full his lips, she unconsciously licked her own lips, wondering what it would feel like to taste…

     “Wait! Stop! You cannot go there, Trinity.” Scolding herself, Trinity threw back the covers and jumped up from the bed. Pacing the floor, she shook her head realizing how quickly she could be influenced by a guy she just met.
      “See…see! You been here all of two days and you already thinkin’ crazy. You just can’t go there.” She fussed remembering the commitment she made to herself. “I don’t care what they else said about getting to know people. This dude is not gonna turn my head and cause me to stumble. It doesn’t matter that he’s polite or funny or even that he’s Daniel’s friend. Getting’ involved with him or any other boy can only mean one thing…trouble! And I am not goin’ down like that! Better to squash it now then cry about it later. Now what time is it?”
     Trinity glanced at the clock and seeing it was a little before six, Trinity decided to get in a morning run before it got too hot. If she hurried, she’d have time to run, eat breakfast and get ready for the seminar that started at nine. After a quick clean up, she changed into a pair of running shorts, a baggy tee shirt and her favorite running shoes. She slipped her keys, meal card and a tiny can of mace into the inside pocket of her shorts and she hid a small change purse in her sports bra.
      She’d been taught by her father to protect herself because a single woman running alone could be an easy target. Grabbing her white cap, she pulled her ponytail through the back and smoothed the covers up on the bed before leaving. Trinity headed down the stairs and stopped outside the front door to do a series of stretches to loosen up her limbs. She used the doorstop bar to flex her calves and hamstrings finishing up with a set of deep squats, before taking off towards one of the paths. Settling into an easy rhythm, Trinity felt the warm morning sun caress her face as she allowed her mind and body to run free.
     Running was one of her favorite activities and morning was her favorite time of day. She’d started running with her dad when she was about eight years old and it became the time they spent one on one. As she worked to keep up with him, her competitive nature drove her to constantly challenge her limits to the point that she became a top distance runner in their region. With a natural love of the outdoors, running was effortless for Trinity and it gave her time to be alone with her thoughts and the Lord. Besides, the fact that it didn’t necessarily require conversation on her part, suited her just fine.
     Trinity ran down a path that was bright with colorful flowers, over the footbridge and turned to head towards the river. She covered the distance easily and ran along the grassy bluff overlooking the mighty Mississippi. She slowed, running in place for a few seconds, taking time to watch the ebb and flow of the churning muddy waters before continuing along a path through a small grove of trees. She followed the path as it led past a small duck pond and ended at one of the campus dining rooms. Trinity decided to stop at the pond and cool down with a few final exercises. As she sat down on a nearby bench, she felt relaxed and mellow like she usually did after a good run.
     “Man, I could really get used to this place.” She said leaning her head back and gazing at the crystal blue sky through the trees.
     “Father God, this is so beautiful. I thank you for letting me enjoy it.” She said softly, closing her eyes to take in the scents and sounds around her. Before long, the smell of food drifted by prompting her to move on to the dining room for breakfast. When she entered the door, Trinity swiped her meal card, went through the turnstile and got in the short line. Picking up a tray and utensils, she waited her turn in line.
     “Good mornin’, what may I serve you?” One of the ladies sang in a slow southern drawl.
     “Good morning.” Trinity suppressed a giggle as the short round lady reminded her of Aunt Jemima on the syrup bottle. “You can give me some of everything. I’m kinda hungry.”
     “All righty. Comin’ right up.” The sweet lady replied as she loaded the plate with grits, eggs, sausage, bacon, a fat buttered biscuit and a cup of fruit on the side.
     “Thank you,” Trinity said as she accepted the plate.
     “You shor’ are a purty girl. Anybody tell you that?” The friendly lady asked.
     “Yes ma’am. Thank you.” Trinity said softly as she added orange juice and a glass of water to her tray.
     "Enjoy your breakfast," the lady called as she walked to the only open section of the dining room where she found a solitary place to eat. Thankfully, it was still early and the room was not crowded. Trinity chose a table near the windows that faced the duck pond. Deciding that it was one of her favorite places on campus, she knew she'd be spending a lot of time there. As she dug into the delicious food, she enjoyed every bite. Running never failed to send her appetite into overdrive and she could pack away the food.
     Trinity was so focused on her plate and the pond, she didn’t notice how quickly the few available tables filled up. When she did look around, she wished she had a book to read since several people were searching for somewhere to sit and a few were looking in her direction. Wishing she had a place to hide, she noticed a figure standing over her shoulder and recognized the familiar voice.
     “Hey, anyone sitting here?” She looked up to find Christian holding a tray. He looked hopeful with a lopsided grin and a ball cap on his head pulled down so low it almost covered his eyes. For some reason he reminded her of a five year old – all except for those lips.
      “Hey,” she replied lowering her eyes to avoid staring at his mouth. “I’m actually just about done, but you can sit if you want. I don’t care.”
      “Cool,” Chris grinned as he slipped into the chair across from her. He hesitated briefly before removing his cap and bowing his head to say a short silent prayer.
      “So he prays…” Trinity said to herself, wondering if it was for real or for show.
      “Amen,” Chris said barely above a whisper as he lifted his eyes ready to turn on the charm. But his smile faded when he saw she was clearly ignoring him as she gazed out the window, sipping her juice. Chris took the opportunity to take a long admiring look, realizing that even in a baggy, shapeless t-shirt and a ball cap, she still took his breath away. Lifting a spoonful of eggs to his mouth, he tried to come up with something interesting to say that wouldn’t make him sound too lame.
      “Did you have a good time yesterday?” He ventured swallowing the eggs after a couple of quick chews so he could keep the conversation going.
      “It was all right,” She replied dryly not wanting to encourage him. “Swimming was fun.”
      “Yeah. You got a pretty good jump shot. Do you play basketball? I play basketball.”
      “No,” she quipped briefly glancing his way then turning back to the window.
      “Oh,” he nodded feeling lamer by the second. “You goin’ to the seminar? It’s at nine, right?”
      “That’s what time it starts. Look, I gotta go get ready.” Trinity stood, deciding that since he gave her an open door she’d take it. Picking up her tray, she left him sitting there, mouth gapped open.
      “O…okay,” he stammered and turned to watch her walk away along with most of the guys in the room.
     Without looking back Trinity deposited her tray in the designated area and headed out the door. She walked back to her dorm with a pep in her step, confident that she’d handled herself well with him, hoping he got the message. Chris, on the other hand, dropped his fork on his plate, his appetite suddenly gone. he closed his eyes and shook his head, afraid that he’d blown his chance with the most beautiful girl he’d ever laid eyes on.

Trinity's Hope will be released in May 2010. Looking forward to hearing your comments and feedback!




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  2. Thanks, Sharon! It's a true blessing for me as well!


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