Making Progress

Just a few random thoughts on writing...and making progress at it.

I love making progress in my writing especially when it's measureable. I love seeing results. Writing can be a lonely existence for a writer. No one can get in your head with you and share the journey of bringing a story to life on paper that only lives in your imagination. As I talk about, laugh about and lament about my characters as if they're real people with real situations going on, I admit it can get a little strange. I've long since given up trying to convince my kids that I'm not crazy. I just tell them that one day they'll be able to see the result of all my hours, days, weeks and months typing away on these keys. I assure them that one day they will see my progress.

As I try and keep my writing blog up to date, especially with my novel coming out in May, I realized that I am in the in between season that I've heard so many writers complain about. Technically I am a published author. I've written a novel, submitted it to a publisher who has agreed to publish it, but as of today it doesn't really exist in the literary world. I haven't gotten the final edited manuscript from the publisher yet, and I don't have an exact release date, but I'm already marketing the book and preparing for the release party even though I don't have a physical book in hand. Until that day comes when I can actually hold my novel, sign the title page and hand it to a reader, I'm not seeing much progress.  It's during times like this - that in between time that I need to see small steps of progress to keep from getting discouraged.

One of these steps came a few weeks ago in the form of a contract in the mail for two more novels to be published.  Progress! I won't be a one hit wonder after all!

Another came today in the form of an email from my publisher with the first draft photo of the cover for my 2nd novel. Progress! BTW...I love it!!!

Another came in the form of an undiscovered review of my first novel that I'd originally self-published back in 2005. The review was posted on Amazon back in October and I came across it by accident. Nevertheless, it was a great review and it brought a tear to my eye.

I'd like to to share it...

"I truly enjoyed reading this book. It was a Christian love story that captivated my heart. I read this book during my lunch hour, at the beauty shop, and in the car going home. I hated to put it down. I loved how the author kept me wanting more and more. I especially love how that author kept referring back to God. We need more wholesome books that paints a picture of how people relate to God and how they trust Him completely. Hopefully, there is a part two. I just needed a little bit more about Trinity and Christian at the end of the story. It sort of left me hanging. I gave this book to my daughter to read. I am sure she will love it as well. This book sparked a flame in me that had been smoldering for a long time. I have long closed the door on my passion for reading and writing; maybe I can pick it up again. Thank you Melissa Ewell Miller for such a wonderful story. Readers enjoy!"
C. Franks' October 14, 2009

Just so you know what this means to me, here are a few of the tags lines I use when promoting Trinity's Hope:

"Trinity's Hope is Inspiring, Entertaining & Life-Changing."

"An Excellent story for Mothers, Daughters & Friends to share!"

"This is an endearing story of love & determination between two young Christians. An inspiration for young believers. In reading it, I was captivated.”

This reader got exactly what I was trying to say in this novel. Validation from a reader...Progress!

So in the end, is worth it to spend the time and make the sacrifices in pursuit of my dream? Absolutely!

Is it difficult at times to wait for progress to appear? For sure!

Am I growing as a writer and as an individual? Yes I am. And that's what I call Progress!

Take Care and keep writing!

Melissa Ewell Miller


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