Top Ten Reasons I Wrote Trinity's Hope Reason #9

Thanks from coming back to find out my top ten reasons for writing Trinity's Hope.

Reason # 9 To help young girls avoid the challenges of an unwanted/unplanned pregnancy.

Trinity's Hope is a work of fiction, but it's based in the realities of life. Unfortunately some of these realities are not so sweet to the taste. Especially for young people like my daughter. In her generation, she is confronted with some of the most staggering statistics a child could face. For instance, in several recent studies conducted by the National Campaign to Prevent Tenn and Unwanted Pregancy, it was discovered that:

3 in 10 girls will get pregnant before the age of 20. That is staggering!

6/10 girls who have had sex later say they wish they had waited. So sad!

6/10 pregancies to women ages 20-24 are unplanned. Surprising!

And we've all heard the recent numbers about children being born into single family homes.

30% of children are being born into single parent homes and in the African American community that number jumps to 70-80%.

This is even more staggering since so many women are constantly crying there are no good men around. I suppose that means the men who are around are good enough to sleep with but not good enough to marry??? (Sorry, that's another blog...)

Sadly these statistics have led to another sobering set of facts...

Research has discovered that the angriest demographic group in America are young men and women ages who are uneducated, single parents living in poverty. This group also has high incidents of domestic violence, assault and murder. Sobering, staggering and sad!

In short, our young people are going through extremely traumatic challenges and issues that are totally and completely PREVENTABLE!!! We don't live in a war torn country with armed military troops bombing our homes or shooting our neighbors up, but many of our best and brightest young minds are living in a literal warzone. Their daily lives consist of overwhelming circumstances that breed feeling of helplessness, hopelessness, frustration and anger. These young people are ill-equipped to handle the life they've created for themselves and then they lash out at any and everyone that crosses their past.

Sadly, the anger is often turned inward because the true depth of their pain is rooted in the loss of purpose, the loss of direction and the inability to set and achieve a positive goal.

I believe that everyone who God created and allowed to live on this earth has a God-given purpose. I also believe that everyone one of us has a God-inspired dream that lives on the inside of us. I unequivocally believe that God has implanted the seeds of destiny inside each of us. I absolutely believe that our greatest frustrations lie in our inability to connect with that dream, that destiny and that purpose and that is why our young people are so angry.

As it declares in Proverbs 13:12 Hope deferred maketh the heart sick: but when the desire cometh, it is a tree of life.

It is with this thought in mind that I wrote Trinity's Hope. Trinity's Hope is about a young girl who is confronted with these issues as she steps foot onto a college campus. Far from her parent's oversight, she's dropped into the middle of every conceivable temptation a young single girl can face. Yet, she's determined to hold onto her faith, her common sense and her underwear.

Trinity's Hope is written in a way that it offers young readers an example of what it means to be abstinent without ever mentioning the word. It offers readers an example of a young lady who seeks and finds her purpose as a believer, as a student and even as a girlfriend. She walks and lives according to her faith and not her desires. She learns to trust God to take care of her and she also trusts the man she falls in love with.

She trusts him to respect her faith and her desire to remain free from sexual entanglements. She trusts him to support her life goals and visions. She trusts him to be faithful to her and to their relationship and together as a couple, they do what it takes to obey the word of God.

In short, Trinity's Hope is an example for kids who've never had one. It gives kids a portrait of how a romantic relationship can be fun, satisfying and fulfilling without involving sex, drugs and slapping. Most importantly, it gives young people a different take on life. It shows them that life can be sweet and productive and purposeful when you trust God and follow His plan for your life. It gives them a vision of how they can be who God has called them to be rather than what society expects them to be.

And we know that vision is so very, very vital, because without a vision, our people will perish. And I do not want to see one more little black girl walk up to the church altar with a swollen belly and no ring on her finger asking for prayer. That's why I wrote Trinity's Hope.


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