Top Ten Reasons I Wrote Trinity's Hope ~ Reason # 7

One reason I wrote Trinity's Hope is to honor and celebrate the strong men who have always been a part of my life. I purposely include strong African American and Haitian American men as main characters in my stories because this is what I see in my own life among my family members, friends and loved ones. And yes...I'll say it...I think black men get a bad rap when it comes to African American fiction.

There are multitudes of stories that describe all the dogs, the cheaters, abusers, drug addicts, scoundrels and shady preachers, but all men aren't like that. Many are strong, faithful, loving husbands, boyfriends and fathers who love God, strive to please him and take great care of their families.

They come home every night from jobs that actually pay the bills. Their lives are open books that their wives and girlfriends can freely explore. They keep their word, make apologies or arrangements when they can't and their cell phones don't ring with phantom phone calls that they slip into another room to answer. They make sure their wives' cars have gas and the tires are properly inflated. They make time for their kid's games, activities and bedtime stories. They show up for church every Sunday, Wednesday and any other time the doors are open - giving of their time, talents and treasures. They support brothers in their faith and serve as accountability partners - confessing their faults one to another that they may be healed.

And yes, they may be overly obsessed with the NFL, the NBA, the NCAA and any  number of sports related alphabets. They have those pesky habits like leaving their stanky socks by the bed, the toothpaste in the sink and other quirks that prove they're less than perfect. Even so they are quick to repent and try to make the necessary adjustments. (Or at least make up for their shortcomings on birthdays, holidays and date nights.)

I love celebrating these men who are committed to marriage, fidelity, family and the Lord and I will take every opportunity to give them their props. Every book I write will represent these men who may not be perfect, but at least they're putting forth their best efforts and making a difference. Especially when it comes to teaching the next generation of young men.

Case in point...I was at the bank yesterday when I witnessed an African American father and his teenage son discussing how much money the son should withdraw from his savings account to buy his mother a Mother's Day present. That was such a precious moment for me and I felt privileged to witness it. It's something I will never forget and one I never want to forget.

That's another reason I wrote Trinity Hope so that the world will know about these amazing men. I also want these men to be encouraged to continue to shine as stars in our lives and in our communities. We need these examples and I will do my best to put it out there through Trinity's Hope and every other book I write.

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  2. Melissa, I'm so glad you chose to portray African American men in the positive way in writing Trinity's Hope. It's so important for the world to see that black men can be, and are, committed to marriage, family, and God.


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