Top Ten Reasons I Wrote Trinity's Hope #5

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Time to share another peek into this creative mind - a place some may want to visit, but I assure you, it's not somewhere you'd want to live. But that's another story for another day... :-)

Reason #5 for writing my first novel, Trinity's Hope was something I discovered during the writing of the first manuscript and it actually came as a surprise to me. As I learned to release my literary voice and let my writing gift flow, I realized that there was a lot more to the Carondolette Family story than just one book. 

As I told Trinity's story, reaching deep to put her "feelings" into words, I began hearing the voices of other family characters who all had a story to tell. At that time, Destiny, Trinity's older sister, was making her presence known in a very real way. Now for those of you who aren't writers or you tend to approach life from a more analytical place, rest assured, I don't actually "hear" voices. However, I am able to "see" a story line from various perspectives and put a "voice" those multiple points of view.

In other words, Trinity thinks about relationships and men from the mindset of a shy young woman who's more concerned about not making mistakes than enjoying life. Destiny, on the other hand, is older, wiser and has a more outgoing personality. She's usually the life of the party, the center of attention and the one every guy wants to get with. She's gregarious, fun-loving and a bit of a flirt, while Trinity is reserved,  introspective and a little on the snobbish side. With these opposing personalities, these sisters take very different paths as they experience love and romance. The good thing for me, and my loyal following of readers, is that these contrasting characters, mindsets and viewpoints on life and love provide a wide range of story ideas to explore and develop. And that's a very good thing for a novice writer.

One of the biggest fears many writers face, once they finish that first manuscript, is the challenge of doing it again. No one wants to be a one-hit wonder or an overnight success that fizzles by the end of the very next day. Developing name recognition and building a solid fan base are keys to longevity in this business and longevity equals success. If a writer gives the readers what they love and then continue to deliver with subsequent works, the relationship between author and readers can grow until it becomes a priceless source of support for that writer. Why?

Simply put...Word of Mouth!

When people love something, they talk about it. And if they hate something, they tend to complain talk about it as well. What's worse is that they'll forget about it altogether and even the crickets will observe a moment of silence at the death of your literary career. 

Your first work can be amazingly fabulous and keep people talking for years. But if your successive novels are convoluted, predictable or they fail to deliver with the same authenticity and excitement as the first book, readers will readily forget you and your books. If a writer's work doesn't remain fresh, relevant and engaging, rumbles of dissatisfaction will rise up from your readership, causing book sales will slide lower and lower until they all but disappear. Past loyalty or not, readers will go in search of something and someone that satisfies their literary needs. And when this happens, a once promising or even a well-established career can virtually flat-line. Getting lost in the obscurity of mediocrity is the kiss of death to a writing career...even the career of a seasoned writer.

God knows, I don't want to be a flash in the pan and I certainly don't want to be thought of as an author who just couldn't cut it. The message I have to share ~ love and romance the way God intended, is much too important to let die.

Too many women struggle with sexual sin. Too many need healing from broken hearts and lack the ability to trust men. Too many are stuck in the past and seriously doubt that they'll ever experience true and genuine love that can last a lifetime.

I believe in the power of love too strongly to let this climate persist! I just can't do it! So I press in, stretch myself, research, study, work hard, write, rewrite, edit, dream and rewrite some more in order to produce the best possible work I can. Thankfully, the hard work, prayer and perseverance is beginning to pay off and I'm finally seeing my dreams come to pass! 

Now that I've accomplished my goal of writing my first book, Trinity's Hope and my second novel, Destiny's Journey is on the market (and getting rave reviews), I'm feeling steadier on my feet and I have a better idea of what it takes to create a great novel. My new goal is to build stability and longevity in my career as a writer. 

With that in mind, I'm proud to announce my third novel, Destiny's Promise will be released November 2012! Yay!!!

(And just so you know, three more novels are currently in production; Covering Grace, Trinity's Faith and a sixth novel, Kelsie's Freedom will soon follow. Music to my ears!)

So if you haven't read Trinity's Hope and/or Destiny's Journey, you're just in time to take advantage of my website special. Two personally autographed copies are available to purchase as a a discount! You can start your collection of the Carondolette Family Series today by visiting my website - and clicking on the novels page.

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