Top Ten Reasons I Wrote Trinity's Hope #4

Hey There,

I hope all is well with you and yours! I'm taking a moment out of my busy holiday preparations to share my reason #4 for writing Trinity's Hope.

It's simply one word...Family!

As we embrace the holiday season, for me, this is a time to embrace family ~ those here with us, those who live on in our memories and those we bring into the fold and claim as our blood. I simply believe that with each life we encounter, we leave something as we pass. Call it a lasting impression or a piece of ourselves, we all leave a residue of our spirit behind, imprinted on that person. Whether the meeting is fleeting or becomes a memorable touch that we store in our hearts for a lifetime, every one has the potential to do some good. 

Yes, loving, touching, embracing and cherishing are things we must do every day and especially during this season. These familial relationships, these divine connections and wonderful, unique opportunities for interdependence are all vital to our spiritual and emotional well-being. 

This was something that I was taught as a child, in word and in deed by the multi-cultural, multi-generational, multi-layered family I grew up in. On any given holiday, my grandmother's dining room table would be occupied with faces that mirrored the rainbow of God's creation. African-American and Caucasian, Japanese and Haitian, Philippine, Middle Eastern and Native American faces were all a part of the patchwork of my upbringing. It was the norm to eat fried chicken, teriyaki shrimp, oxtails and lumpia all on the same plate while decifering the meanings of multi-lingual conversations going on around me. I learned to embrace the flavor of each individual life, history and culture as my family. 

And to this day I still revel in the joy of that diversity....My Family :-)

This concept of family has a wide and varied meaning for different people. It represents those with whom we share a home and those with whom we share a love that cannot be diminished in spite of the time and distance that separates us. Family speaks of the common union that connects us generation to generation. It speaks of the legacy that we are called to establish ~ the hopes and dreams for greatness that we pass on to those God has given us the task to raise. Family is the bond that hold us together and binds our hearts with our shared history and the foundations upon which we build our lives and our faith. 

Family teaches us to love one another while accepting our faults, weaknesses and shortcomings. It teaches us the meaning of standing for another; sheltering them and shouldering the responsibility for their care, their feelings and the strength of our relationship. Giving this unconditional love and support is our pleasure, our challenge and our reasonable service, on a daily basis and at this special time of year. 

The eternal spirit of the Family ~ the voice of our ancestors, whisper to us to set aside grudges, past hurts, the busyness of life and come together ~ to gather, to share, to embrace, to recollect and recount our story, our history so each generation will know from whence they came. 

This portrait, my vision of family is what lies at the heart of Trinity's Hope and all the stories I write. It's that precious thing of beauty that I carry in my heart that keeps me grounded, hopeful and ever-aware of the legacy that rests upon my shoulders. It was eight years ago, that our heads rested together on her pillow, as my Grandmother Irene slipped into glory. Yet I still hear her voice encouraging me to do my best work and live my best life. Her gentle urging to "Make us proud, baby" is all the motivation I need to strive to operate in a spirit of excellence.

When the journey gets long and the weariness sets in, I imagine her cheering from among the great cloud of witnesses, prodding me to run on and see what the end will be ~ the same way Trinity's family cheers for her as she runs her race. For that's what Family does. We see the potential in one another and we get behind that baby of ours and push them with all we have in us. I learned this art form from the last generation and I'm passing it to the next. 

In the same way, we pass on the holiday traditions of making Granny's cornbread dressing and giving our child the honor of hanging our Granddaddy's Christmas ornament on the tree. The one he made the year his dad taught him to carve a piece of art from a piece of dry wood....creating something from nothing ~ a skill that child will need in his life.  

So I pass this essence of family on to my readers along with all my love, wishes, hopes and dreams for a blessed New Year. 

God bless and keep you and yours during this Christmas season!

Blessings Always,

Melissa & Family


  1. Yes, family is very important. It's hard to keep harmony in a family, though, sometimes. Family is a complicated matter - you're close to these people, but, you don't always get along. There are also family members whom are closer to you than others.


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