A Crucified Life

Are you Living a Crucified Life??? 

This is another theme that came out of our 24 Hour Prayer Vigil and it's a question that every believer needs to ask for themselves. 

Living a crucified life is not a difficult concept to grasp... It simply means that as a believer, my life is less about me and more about others. 

It's about praying for someone to get a spiritual breakthrough, instead of begging God for yet another material blessing!

It's about bringing the love of Jesus to the lost, so that Jesus can actually meet and receive the ones who He died to redeem!

It's about being a vessel of honor, who can pour out some good things, rather than being a stagnant pool of bitterness who never has anything positive to share!

It's about being a holy vessel that keeps my body pure of sin, especially since I'm sharing this temple with the Holy Spirit of the true and living God!

A Crucified life is one that says, 

"Since Jesus paid it all, I can pay my fair share to support the work of the ministry! If I demand to be warm and comfortable in the church house when it's cold outside, then the least I can do is put something on the utility bill!"

So I ask again.... Are You Living A Crucified Life???

#24-Hour Prayer Vigil April 2013


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