Why Toil, When God Has A Master Plan???

Are you a Toiler? Do you toil, labor, struggle to manage your life? Are you under a constant press to pull stuff together, work things out, get it all done, get it all paid? Do you feel like that guy with the line of spinning plates who's trying to keep everything going... afraid that if one thing falls, everything else will come crashing down?

I guarantee, that if you're under that much stress, you're definitely working harder and not smarter, because you may not be operating effectively in the flow of God.

God is a master planner, organizer and strategist! He's the same one who divided the day and the night, the water and the land, as He created everything that exists in the entire universe! AND... once He created every single thing... sky, sun, moon, stars, grass, flowers, trees, animals, people... He laid all out and set in motion and it's all continuing to operate and function according to His original divine design!

I have yet to see a day when the sun failed to rise, and stay on it's post, shining all day, on one side of the planet then another! All at God's first and only command!

Now if God can manage all that, and keep it all going, then surely He has a plan to handle your stuff! If He can intricately design all the flowers of the earth, adorning them all with bright, beautiful colors, without any input from them, then surely He can help us handle our day to day life issues!

If He can design and create a natural ventilation system, so flowers, animals and humans can thrive by exchanging the elements of air, then surely He can help you keep the lines of communication flowing well between you, your spouse and children.

If He can keep all of His creation alive through this divinely orchestrated balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide - so that we all effortlessly get what we need to breathe and survive, without any toil or labor on our part, then surely He can bring balance to our finances and our time and our daily life assignments!

Trust me, God has a plan... A Master Plan for your Life! A Divinely Designed Blueprint that contains every element and every detail of your life, along with a plan of execution to make it all work out for your good and for His glory!  If you're struggling, labor, toiling to manage your life, then it's time to draw closer to the Father and ask Him to give you a glimpse of that Master Plan! Ask Him to give you a download of the schematic He's designed for your life, so you can flow the way He's created you to flow... Effectively and Effortlessly!

He can and He will do it! He told us so in Matthew 11:28-30~

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”




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