Butterfly On A Mission

I love being a creative spirit... 

Always inspired with a fresh idea or concept... a new experience to enjoy, a newly uncovered revelation to ponder, write about and share. I'm so easily captured by a spark of color, an enlightening image, the lifting rift of a song that makes my heart sing....

A tender imprint of God's finger on my soul... A word spoken in season, drifting on the refreshing breeze of the Holy Spirit as He passes over me... Imparting a bit of His own creativity in the process!  I so love when He does that! 

The downside to experiencing all these random bursts of creative inspirations, is that I tend to start a lot of things with great excitement, only to be drawn away by yet another interesting something, that's caught my attention and led me down yet another bunny trail, deep into the forest of life. 

These enjoyments, when not properly handled, can become distractions and they can have my life looking like a beautifully woven tapestry, that's unraveling on all sides... in, around and through the middle! In my exuberance to embrace, touch, feel and taste it all, I get lost, deterred and delayed. 

I can easily fall out of step with Patience - The Time Keeper of Heaven - and when I catch up to her, I look around and notice, that while I was off exploring, many things have fallen through the cracks of my undisciplined life and been left undone! 

As I attempt to catch up and recover, sadly I discover that many potentially great ideas, now appear as a jumbled maze of words, hastily scribbled on the slips of paper of my life. But since they lack order, clarity and a distinct flow, the intended message is lost to the chaos of my cluttered mind. 

I see this clearly when I look at the long list of "drafts" and unfinished manuscripts that I've abandoned on the sidelines of my various blogs, flash drives and computers. 

I can only sigh and shake my head as I think, 

"Child... You really need to get yourself together!" (In my grandmother's voice, of course!)  

This is a daily struggle for me... to settle myself, Focus and Finish what I'm divinely inspired to do! 

To flow in my gifts efficiently and effectively, I'm learning that it's okay to pause and take note of all the beautiful, interesting things that intrigue me. But in doing so, I also must consider if these interests are actually assignments that I need to take on or just a passing wonder to enjoy in the moment, then keep moving, without allowing myself to get distracted or delayed. 

I'm working on this, but I find that order and discipline don't always come easy for me. It's like trying to write with my left hand, when my right hand has always been the easiest to use. But rather than challenging myself, to improve the proficiency of my weaker hand, I make the easy choice and settle for mediocrity, when I could push myself and excel!

Thankfully, the voice of Wisdom is there to remind me, that just like that unfinished tapestry, my life is a work in progress. It's a living breathing classroom where the Father daily instructs me to manage 'me' and to master the complexities of my being, so that I can be as productive as I possibly can. He challenges me to work hard to remain steady and steadfast, so I can live a balanced life, a whole life and to leave no purpose unfulfilled! 

If you feel me on this, please pray for me, for I am truly a butterfly on a mission, driven to make certain that I taste every drop of nectar that life has to offer! I just can't lose sight of my purpose in the process! 

If you can identify, let me hear from you! I'd love to hear what you've learn along your journey to a more disciplined life!

Be Blessed... Be Inspired.... Enjoy Life!



  1. Hi Melissa,
    I'm inspired after reading your post. I relate to what you have written. Order and discipline are paramount to success. I offer to include clarity in your list. Once we are clear on our mission, we stay on the path. Yes, like the butterfly, we may stop to check out the flowers painted ona wall. They are beautiful, but do not serve the mission...the purpose... the plan! Your succes is in sight. My prayer for you is to continue. Remember the old saying, "If you feel like you are going through Hell..DON'T STOP!!!! All the best....Lava

  2. Thanks Lava! I appreciate your thoughts!

    Moving Up & Forward!


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