How I Got Saved!

It had been a long, long, long time since I've shared my salvation testimony and a sister I recently had the pleasure of meeting asked me how I got saved! If felt really good to share it with her, so I think I'll share it again!  

Here's My Salvation Testimony: 

I grew up in Los Angeles and I when was a little girl about 7 or 8 years old, somebody on the street handed me the "Somebody Loves Me" Gospel tract booklet. I'll never forget it because it was about this little boy who had big sad eyes. He was always treated so badly and being beaten by his father. He ended up on the street, sleeping in a crate and eventually he died and an Angel took him to heaven. 

Even though it was a cartoon drawing, in my child's mind, I felt so bad for that little boy that I kept the tract so I could pray for him. I kept it in a drawer in my little pink jewelry box as one of my special possessions.  

At the back of that booklet was the Sinner's Prayer and I probably prayed that prayer 1000 times as a child. Every time I got in trouble with my parents or had a fight with my sister or I had a bad thought, I prayed that prayer as sincerely as I knew how. 

I can't tell you that I understood what salvation meant at that time, but I knew there was a God and I knew from that booklet that He took care of little children that nobody loved. But I was never sure if He knew I was alive or even if I existed, so I certainly didn't believe He actually loved me. Even though the tract was sending the message that Jesus loved me, for some reason, I had a hard time believing it. 

I was raised in a church that was kind of like a cathedral and it had a huge pipe organ with organ pipes over the choir stand. As a child, I thought that God was an old man with a long white beard who lived up in the organ pipes. I always imagined that He was looking down on me with disapproval, because my mouth was always getting me into trouble and I could never seem to behave like a good little girl. Even as a teenager, I remember looking up there and praying, 

"Lord, please don't be mad at me. I'm trying to be a good person."

Again, I knew there was a God, but I didn't have a personal relationship with Him and I wasn't convinced that He loved me. Our church never really preached about the salvation experience. It was always announced at the end of the service that "The doors of the church are open," but I always thought that was for people who wanted to join the church. I had been a "member" since I was 2 years old, so it never made sense for me to go down to the altar when I was already a member. 

So even though I grew up in the church... we were practically there every time the doors were open... I knew there was a God, I just didn't know how to get to Him. 

Then when I was 16, our church got a new pastor and he believed in having a personal relationship with God. So right off, his message was different and it spoke to my heart. He started having weekly Wednesday night Bible Study and monthly all night prayer services because he believed that the life of a Christian had to go beyond Sunday morning service. 

By this time, I was a senior in High School and I was preparing to leave for college that summer, but I was afraid to leave home without taking God with me. I don't if that makes sense, but I was afraid that if I truly did not have a real relationship with God and have Him as a serious part of my life, then I might get to that college campus and just go wild. 

So on April 10, 1981, I went to one of those all night  prayer meetings, and I ended up on my knees at the altar weeping, crying and calling on Jesus! With my pastor in front of me and another minister behind me, laying hands on me and praying for me, I prayed my way into the kingdom! For the first time in my life, I felt the tangible presence of God flow over me like warm oil! I prayed the Sinner's Prayer for real that night and when I got up, I knew, that I knew that I was saved! I knew that Jesus was walking with me and I knew that He loved me, because I heard Him say it to me, over and over again that night.  

That was over 30 years ago and while I may have strayed away from Him from time to time, He's never left me! He kept me at times when I didn't even want to be kept! So I know Him to be a faithful, loving, saving Father and a true and loyal Savior! My life hasn't always been easy, but I can honestly say, that I wouldn't give nothing for my journey, because I've never had to walk it alone! The Lord has always been right by my side! 

As I read over this, I wondered if I could find out where to get one of those Somebody Loves Me tracts and sure enough I found a website for the ministry that still produces those tracts! How about that!!!

I hope hearing my testimony blesses you as much as it blesses me to share it!  

Take Care & Much Love, 



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