It's A Family Affair!

One major theme that the Father spoke of during the April 2013 Prayer Vigil, was His desire to see His church shift from the mindset of ministry being a "business" to coming together as His "family" again! 

He's tired of the Hollywood scene, that's filled with superstars and celebrities, and He just wants us to be brothers and sisters again, who are loved, taught and nurtured by our mothers and fathers in the faith. Instead of one elite clique of "ministers", who get all the attention while looking down on the poor unfortunate "lesser-Christians", He wants those who are chosen to lead, to embrace their call, not as a badge of honor, but as a privilege to serve! 

He wants them to empty themselves of themselves, before Him and be filled with the word of the Lord, then go forth and empty themselves once again, as they pour out everything God gave them, into their brothers and sisters in Christ.

He wants us to cherish one another as precious siblings and stop all the incest, jealousy, competition, bickering, squabbling, manipulation, and thievery and simply care for and love one another in the same way that Christ loves us and gave His life for His family! He's us asking to lay and pray for each other, so that we can all grow up into the fullness of Christ's stature. 

And He wants us to see the lost, not as the enemy... But as lost children of the family of God, who've never met their father and don't know that they belong this family! He wants each of us, to extend to each of them, a loving hand of adoption and acceptance, so that they will feel the loving touch of the Father's hand on their heads... That same loving touch that once drew us into the family! 

As we do this, the Father will gather those who belong with us... Just like in Zephaniah 3, He will gather the outcasts and make them a praise and a name in every land of their shame. And this is how we'll win the lost... By each one, reaching one, with our own personal testimony and the witness of what Christ has done in our lives!

Listen to me Family of God... We are the holy children of a holy Father and it's time we start acting like it!

#Prayer Vigil April 2013


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