The Fatherhood of God

Hello Family, 

I've just come out of a 24 Hour Prayer Vigil where God called a group of us together and spoke many important things to us. I want to share one of the really special things that came out of our tabernacle with the Father...

He began our time together by sharing how desperately He wants to be seen as Our Father! His heart's desire is to restore His position of Fatherhood back to the earth! He doesn't only want to be seen as "God", but to be accepted as the Father of the Nations, the Father of our churches and the Father of our Faith! 

He wants to be embraced as the Father over our families, so that He can be a living, breathing example of how a father loves, covers, protects and governs His family. Most importantly, He wants each of us to have an intimate, intensely personal revelation that He is our Father, such that we continually sense the weight of His hand resting upon our heads as He covers us and blesses our lives! 

As our heavenly Father, He's committed to eradicating the spirit of abandonment and forever removing the sorrow fatherlessness that's plaguing the lives of so many people!

Yes, He is a great and mighty God! 
Yes, He the Creator of all that exists! 
Yes, He causes winds to rage and mountains to crumble, just by uttering a single word... 

But He's also a Father and He has a Father's Heart! His heart is filled to overflowing with love and compassion for His children, and He has such a yearning for us to connect to Him and relate to Him as a Father! He wants to encourage us, speak blessings over us, lead, guide and direct us. He wants to provide for us and even punish us when that's what we need! As His word declares in Hebrews 12:6 ~

"For the Lord disciplines those He loves, and He punishes each one He accepts as His child." 

At the same time, His heart is broken over the way His family relates one to another! 

We are the holy children of a holy Father, yet our relationships have been tainted by hatred, strife, division and suspicion. Racism, sexism, greedy and pride has turned us against one another when He's called us to love each other with the same fervency, passion and commitment that He shares with Jesus! He made us one and He expects us to walk together in unity, preferring one another in love. (Romans 12:10)

The enemy has so sexualized our society, that our holy relationships as siblings have become incestous and adulterous and this should never, ever happen between the brothers and sisters in Christ!!! The fear and lust that plagues our thoughts and alters our behavior has stolen our innocence so that we cannot enjoy the blessings of divine siblinghood. This means that many of us are completely missing out on the simple pleasure of sharing our God-experiences that should enrich us as a family! 

During our prayer vigil, we prayed for the father to restore our love for one another and to restore our innocence, so we can connect as a family and not fear that our intentions are anything expect pure and sincere. We asked the Father to teach us to respect one another, out of our mutual respect for Him and to enable us to walk in truth, kindness, transparency and authenticity toward one another. 

I'm so encouraged by this that I'm encouraging all believers to bless the Father's heart for change and show someone some holy family love today! Consider this my blessing you each of you as I'm stepping up as a first partaker of this word and walking in it! 

Amen... God Bless... Much Love!



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