My Soul Says "Yes!"

I'm learning that when we say "yes" to God, he takes that thing seriously! Even when we don't know all that we've signed up for, He takes our "yes" as a lifelong commitment. From the moment we tell Him yes, He fully expects our cooperation and our obedience in everything He asks us to do. 

No matter what it is... stepping out into fulltime ministry, marrying someone who may not be your first choice, giving until it hurts or picking up and moving to a place we've never been... God expects our "yay" to be "yay", to everything He says, every time He says it!

He knows that can be a crazy, scary place for us. He knows He's asking us to stretch beyond our reach and move out of our comfort zone. He knows He's challenging our faith and breaking us out of old mindsets. He knows that we can be staunchly set in our immature, selfish ways! 

But none of that fazes Him! He knows that when we really, truly desire to please Him, God will do whatever it takes to get us where we need to be! 

It will take time. It will take sacrifice. It will take submission! And in some cases, it will take a major life overhaul! Nevertheless, He will ultimately have His way in us, therefore, Resistance is Futile!!! 

So take my advice and just say, "YES" to whatever it is that God is bringing into your life! Ask Him to send whatever help you need to get into a place of obedience and He will! He has a vested interested in seeing you succeed, so He's willing to make an investment in your training and preparation so you can flow in His perfect will! 

Now, step up and step out and get on with the processing of God, so you can do what God has created you to do!!!

Now repeat after me.... My Soul Says YES!!!


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