When God Says, "No" ... Deal With It!!!

I truly believe, one of the toughest things we struggle with as believers, is understanding and accepting the Sovereignty of God. It's great when we pray for something and God does it, just the way we want it done, in the timeframe when we want it to happen. When that happens, we can shout, dance and testify all over the place!

But what about those times when the answer is No? When God outright denies our request? 

What about when He's completely silent or He talks to us about everything BUT that request?

What about when you've laid and prayed, but you're not the one chosen for the job, the promotion or the house? 

What about when you've done everything within your power to become the best marriage material you can be, but the proposal is turned down or there's some other woman wearing the ring, "your man" should've put on your finger???

Here's the reality... God is still God! He's still an amazing, awesome Father and He's forever worthy of our praise, respect, trust and honor! He just happens to know a lot more that we do and He comprehends our lives on a level that goes infinitely beyond our limited abilities! 

He dwells in timeless eternity and He can see far, far beyond what we can. He knows when certain things are just not going to work out in our favor, even though the promise we see, looks like the perfect thing for us! (Where we see beautiful, amazing, exciting... He sees stubborn, troubling, ratchet!)

That's why we have to learn to accept what God allows to come into our lives and appreciate  what He doesn't allow, especially when He's trying to protect us or make us wait for the better blessing that He has in store for us! 

While it's true that what God has for us, is for us... There are also things that are simply not for us, no matter how desperately we'd love to have it in our lives. He knows us, better than us, so No... God is not always going to give us what we want, nor will He give us an explanation of how He came to that decision! That's all a part of His Sovereignty... His Sovereign Reign... As in, He's God and He will do things His way... PERIOD!!!

That's why, when the answer is a resounding Yes, or a firm and solid, No, we have to trust Him and praise Him anyhow! No matter what it looks like, we should always thank Him and continue to believe Him, while praising Him with our whole heart, because He loves us and has our best interest at heart! 

If you're in a place today, where you're struggling over one of those God-decisions that didn't go your way, don't allow the bitterness of disappointment to set in. Instead, turn your sad, broken, disappointed heart toward the Father and ask Him to heal you and make it well with your soul!  He knows how to make all things beautiful in His own time and He knows what you need, to get you where you need to be and what He wants you to have! 

This one thing I do know... Tough times, produce the greatest lessons, when we allow God to give us some insight into the situations we must endure! Trust me... Everything looks different when we see things from God's perspective! 

I'm a witness! Been there... Done that... Got the T-shirt, the hat and the fanny pack! 

Faithfully Loving My Sovereign God,



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