2015 - The Year of Beauty Being Restored

I wasn't actually planning to release a prophetic word for 2015.... Yet, as He would have it, Father spoke to me early this morning, very sweetly and very clearly about the Widow at Nain. (Luke 7)  

First off, Father had me look up that word Nain and it actually means Beauty! I Love That!  He then had me read the account of Jesus coming into the Gates of Nain and being greeting by an entire town in mourning, over the lost of this widow's only son. 

The Bible said, that Jesus was so moved with compassion, that He reached out to TOUCH the son's coffin, and then restored him back to life! At that moment, the mourning of this mother, and the entire community, was turned to dancing, praising and celebration!!! It was a Praise Party of the highest degree!!! GLORY!!!

As I thought on this, Father began speaking to me about the TOUCH of Jesus and how that one TOUCH changed this entire situation... Not just for the widow and her son, but also for every one around them! 

His TOUCH on One Life, Shifted the Atmosphere in a Whole Town!!! AWESOME!!! COME ON, JESUS!!!

And Here's What He Shared About How and Why He Did That...

A TOUCH from Jesus means...

T - Tangible
O - Outpourings and Demonstrations that Bring
U - Understanding, Revelations and the Our Recovery of Sight and Vision of 
C - Christ - The Anointed One and His Anointing from a 
H - Heavenly Perspective


God is saying that in 2015, He is going to TOUCH our lives in such a way that we will experience tangible manifestations of outpourings and demonstrations... that will bring us greater and deeper understandings of who Christ is and how He is going to work in our lives.... To restore our beauty - so that we will see Him and His Beauty, Power, Light and Love - from Heavenly Perspectives!!! AMEN & AMEN!!!

In 2015, Jesus says He's going to release a TOUCH of the Isaiah 61 - Favor Anointing that will bring Liberty, Healing, Restoration and Freedom! He's restoring back to us, beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, and He's clothing us with the garments of praise, causing us to cast away the spirit of heaviness, that some of us have been carrying for far too long! 

In 2015, God is going to TOUCH those who have suffered great loss and many sorrows... Just like that Widow at Nain who lost a husband first, and then a son! God is going to restore beauty on many, many lives, in many, many areas... Financially, Emotionally, Physically and Relationally!!!

He's lifting us out of the ashes, stripping away our sackcloth garments and pouring fresh waters and sweet oil over our lives, to refresh our souls and restore our beauty, our joy, our praise and even our smile! 


God says in 2015, He's going to TOUCH our relationships and restore right relationships so that we no longer have to stretch ourselves too far, by operating beyond what we are graced to do. When we live outside of our grace to function in certain areas for too long, it begins to wear on our souls, minds and bodies. This is what happens with single parents raising children alone, or ministers operating without the strength and support of a mate. 

Without those Godly ordained relationships in place and properly functioning in our lives, it affects us negatively and God says in 2015, He's going to restore proper and complete function in our lives and replace and repair all that is missing, broken and lost! 

This means, in 2015 some will be blessed with marriage relationships and others will see marriages restored, causing many of His beloved to experience the sweetness of the Bride and the Bridegroom, just as He's has divinely designed! AMEN!!!

For others, 2015 will be a time when they'll make divine connections, that will have a life-long impact on your life, as you will finally have the rock solid, stable support you've been needing in your life and ministry, to do all that God has called you to do!!! AMEN & GLORY TO GOD!!!

I So Receive This Word and I Give God All Glory for His TOUCH Upon My Life and Family!!! This Word So Stirs and Lights A Fire In Me To Expect TANGIBLE OUTPOURINGS TO SHOW ME THE CHRIST AND HIS ANOINTING FROM HEAVENLY PERSPECTIVES!!!  

I Have Great Expectations of His Work in our Lives, to Restore Beauty and Right Relationships, So That We Will All See Him and His Beauty, Power, Light and Love, Displayed In Our Lives!!!


Ap. Mimi 


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