My Friend's Father

You know what, Beloved... I hear God saying this...

It's not always the words we pray or the way we pray, that cause Him to withhold a blessing from us... But it's the attitude with which we approach Him and the way we respond to His commands and directives that give Him cause not to answer a prayer. 

I am reminded of a testimony of a friend of mine... As a child, whenever he asked his father for something, like a pair of new soccer cleats, his father would reply,

"You go pray and ask God for the shoes. And if He speaks to my heart to get them for you, then I will go buy them for you."

My friend said, there were times that he went away sad, angry and upset, because his father didn't immediately give him what he asked for. But he quickly realized, that the longer he pouted, and the longer he sulked, the longer he went without the cleats! 

He quickly learned to get into obedience with his father's request and do what he said. And before long, as he committed his heart to prayer, he found himself trusting more in God's faithfulness, than in his natural father's ability to provide! 

Many times we are like this friend used to be.... We don't like the condition that God places on receiving the promise. But some things are non-negotiable with God! That's because He knows, that the greater need is for us to learn the process of prayer, that will stay with us forever, far beyond the day we outgrow the soccer cleats or the blessing of the moment! 

To make this point crystal clear... Once my friend got serious about his prayer life, it wasn't long before his father came home one day and asked the boy to take a walk with him. Their walked led them to the shoe store where his father bought him that new pair of cleats. When he asked his father why that day, his father replied, 

"Your prayers have moved heaven and heaven has moved me."

The twist in my friend's story is this... Sadly, his father died unexpectedly when he was thirteen years old. As if his father knew he would not always be around, his lesson was meant to prepare his son when the day came that he was suddenly no longer there to provide for him in the natural. Yet, the lessons on faith and prayer, he learned from his beloved earthly father, have stayed with him and served his well over the course of his life.

And to this very day, my friend has a warm, vibrant, intimate relationship with his Father God, that can never be lost or taken away! 

And I just love that!

Ap. Mimi 

"A good man leaves an inheritance to his children's children." Proverbs 13:22


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