Apostolic Wisdom ~ Expect Those Unexpected Encounters!

I've learned, on this apostolic journey, that the encounters God preordains along the way, are just as divine as what you're being sent to release at your intended destination. That's why we have to learn to pay close attention to Holy Ghost during the process for God has innumerable ways to make the best use of your gifts!
For example... At one time, I was being sent out of the country to a specific nation, for a specific purpose. But God sent me to the airport three different times before I actually got on the plane and left. All the other trips were divine encounters when He used me to minister to various people who needed something that God had placed in me.
No, it wasn't comfortable being so uncertain about the process, but I knew I'd heard God's voice. And once all those connections had been made and the assignments completed, my heart was overjoyed with all the ways God moved in such unexpected ways.
So the lesson here is, don't freak out when God doesn't let you in on every detail of the plan. Be free, be open, be flexible and take on the mindset of, "Lord, Surprise Me!"

And be encouraged... Even the woman with the issue of blood, snuck up on Jesus and took Him by surprise! He Never Saw Her Coming! He just knew when the encounter took place, that she connected and got what she needed! I Love That! So watch, pray and stay ready... You never know what God has in store for you!
Ap. Mimi aka Butterfly On A Mission


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