When God Sends Course Correction

As an apostle, over the years walking with the Lord, He's taught me a few things about godly correction, especially when it comes to kingdom leaders. As Holy Spirit constantly reminds me... Everybody knows The Commandments so they can't get away with claiming innocence or ignorance. When you're caught dirty, you're dirty. And in this case, ignorance is not bliss... It can cause you to end up missing out on your divine destiny and God never wants that to happen. So He sends correction. Here's some things I've learned about God's Course Correction...
1. He's always admonished me to always believe what He reveals about a leader and the sin issues in their life... Even when they deny it or act like they don't know what you're talking about. Holy Spirit speaks on such things because He wants to see that leader reach their highest levels of effectiveness and longevity in their call and any time sin gets in the way of that, God wants to see them set free, delivered and victorious over sin. Therefore, He will attempt to make course correction in their lives to help them get it right.
2. Leaders can be notorious for pushing back and rejecting correction. That's because pride and arrogance can sneak into their hearts by virtue of their position and influence. When people follow them, listen to them, seek to serve and please them, this can make them think they are beyond correction, because people obey them, no matter what they ask. This loyalty from man is often mistaken as approval from God, and when a word of correction comes, the leader may not be open to receive it, even when Holy Spirit is speaking directly to their heart about it. Nevertheless, if God says there's a sin issue, then there's a sin issues. He's not a man that He should lie, but a man will lie to protect His secret sin. So speak what God says, regardless of their reaction.
3. If God says it, He knows what He's talking about.. If God sends you to a leader to bring a word of correction, it's not the first time they're hearing it. Holy Spirit has confirmed this to me many times. He assures me that He first goes to the one with the sin issues and tries to impress upon their heart the need to deal with specific issues. He comes to them with conviction and that divine sense of holy disapproval to get their attention. Yet, if they do not listen, or they try to justify and make excuses and allowances for their sin, then Holy Spirit will send another person to come with a confirming word of correction. Although though that leader may act as if it's not an issue in their life, trust that they have heard it before, even if it's from reading in it scripture.
4. True correction from God always comes in love, with the wisdom and instruction to change. He never comes to bash us, demean us or to press us into a place of defeat. No... He comes to bring clarity and revelations about the roots and causes of or sin issues so that we can get an understanding about how to get free and to stay free. Anyone coming to correct without the wisdom and instructions on how to change, either they're not sent by God or they're coming in the wrong spirit. When that happens, take stock of what's being shared, then take it to the Lord for clarity. He will confirm if you need to receive it or not.
Please know this... When we hear that word of correction, from Holy Spirit speaking directly to our hearts, from across the pulpit or from someone sent to confront us with the truth about our sin issues, we need to step up and be accountable and receive the correction God is trying to bring in our life.
And Amen....
Apostle Mimi


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