The World May Seem To Be Rocking And Reeling, Yet Our God Is Ever Steady

I was reminded me of this word that Holy Spirit blessed me with last year. This much-needed wisdom still speaks today... Please read and share....

There's a pattern that God has established in the ways He deals with you and He has not change those ways, nor His thoughts concerning you. When the world seems to throw you into a place of chaos and uncertainty, you must look to God and those specific ways He deals with you and anchor yourself to that, for He has not moved from that place nor that pattern.

He will still respond to your worship, your prayers, your respect for Him... He will still come into those places of praise, wherever you make the effort to build your own tabernacle to meet with Him. He still honors your faith and forgives your sin when you come to Him with a humble, repentant heart. He still leaves the door open whenever you need to connect with your Father's love. His lap is still available for His child.

Even when you've temporarily forgotten who you belong to and behaved in unseemly ways, the blood still covers and cleanses, heals and restores. The blood never loses that power and it never runs out.

He still remembers the petitions you've prayed and the promises He's made and He yet intends to fulfill every one of them. For unlike the world, which tilts and reels, rocks and rolls and seemingly tries to implode upon itself, God is steady, solid, unmoved and sure. You may have been shaken, but He has not. You can still trust in Him. He can be found in the darkest of any night, in the depth of any dark pit, in the stillness of any lonely night... He Is There For You... Today, Tomorrow, Forever!

Don't waiver off of what you've heard God say to you. And if, in the midst of all the madness you've forgotten, press back into the place of praise where He dwells... Worship, pray and get the focus back on Him and He will remind you, of all He's said, once again.

Thank You Father! Thank You Jesus! Thank You Holy Spirit... My Ever Present Help In Times of Trouble! Love You Deeply For All You Do For Me!

Be Blessed & Refreshed.............

Ap. Mimi 


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