Messages To My Own Soul ~ A Birthday Gift

Here I am, blessed to be celebrating another year of life. Thank You, Lord!

I am truly thankful, excited and reflective as one usually is at these moments of transition in life. The flipping of the calendar, the blowing out the candles, the examining oneself in the mirror for signs of yet another wrinkle or gray hair. Yes... as time marches on, it marches right across your face and body. 😁

In all seriousness, I am grateful to be here in a very real way. Since my last birthday, I've had to say goodbye to two really good friends... Two beautiful sisters, Melissa and Kathy, who made such a tremendous difference in my life over the years. They were both my same age, had children around the same ages of my children. We shared a common faith and similar dreams and life visions and they were always so helpful, supportive and encouraging to me. We challenged one other to be our best selves, to cultivate our best gifts and to comfort one another when life was not so kind. Their loss has been heavy and painful as in my opinion, they left us way too soon. They had a whole lot more living to do.

As I think of them often and miss them desperately, I don't take for granted that I've been given this gift of life, to journey on, to live my dreams, fulfill my purpose and continue leaving my mark on the world. Yes, I am so grateful to still be here, that I purpose in my heart not to waste one second of the opportunity I've been given and to do it to honor their lives. I love and miss you guys, for real!

As I thought about how far I've come in these 55 years, I came up with the idea to consider what I would tell my younger self - from my childhood to these mid-life days. What kinds of things would have helped me had I known then what I know now. Time mixed with wisdom is a very valuable asset in life and I'm going to pay this forward in hopes to help those who are coming the way I've already passed.

Here are some of the Messages To My Own Soul... My Birthday Gift to You!

What I Would Tell My Ten Year Old Self - Don't sweat the bullies. Jealously and insecurity begins early in life. It was them who were really feeling ugly, not you. You're special, you're wonderful, you're funny, you're cute, you're smart. Just because they can't see it or won't say it, doesn't mean it isn't so! You're extraordinary and you're going to make a tremendous impact on people over this life journey. So when you look at yourself in the mirror, smile at the girl! She's amazing! And You're Good Enough!

My Teenage Self - Be more comfortable in your own skin. True friends take you as they are and love you for the flavor you bring to the equation. Never give a man your body who hasn't given you his love, shown you his heart and demonstrated his loyalty and respect. A lot of guys will want your body, but there's time to find the one who will treasure your heart. So be patient until the love is real and it feels right. You're good enough.

My Twenty Something Self - You matter to God and He didn't make a mistake when He chose you to speak for Him. Always trust what God says to you and about you... He means every word of it! Love the man well, who chose to love you and keep choosing him every day. Treasure every moment of your babies' early days. They grow so very fast. Mistakes are allowed, as long as you learn from them and not keep repeating them. You're good enough.

My Thirty Something Self - Don't be so hard on yourself. Nobody is perfect and you're not doing any better or any worse than anybody else. We all have something we need the blood of Jesus to cover. And again, other people's jealousy and insecurities will have you believing that something is wrong with you. That's a lie! Don't own their ugly. Be strong in who you are because the world needs strong, intelligent, secure professional women. Be kind and gracious in every area of your life, especially as you're promoted and elevated by God and man. Yes, you've earned the right to be on top, but you didn't get there on your own. Be proud of your accomplishments, but stay humble and always be willing to look back and pull someone up with you. You're good enough.  

My Forty Something Self - Cherish the ones you love with every passing day. For the day will come when you wake up and they will no longer be there. Life passes a lot more quickly than any of us imagine and it brings some dark days with it. The good thing is that suffering and struggle won't last always. Things will get better. Restoration and recovery are real. Your skills and talents will have a powerful impact on others. Don't diminish your gifts just because you lack self-confidence. God put some crazy, amazing stuff in you and it will bear some really sweet fruit in time!

Take care of your body. The better you take care of it, the longer it will serve you well. When love leaves your life in a really sad way, and it breaks your heart into a million pieces, please know that healing will come. You will find love again. It won't be the same, so don't compare, but it will fill your heart and make you feel beautiful again. So don't get bitter in the midst of the loss and the loneliness, because when love shows up on your doorstep, he'll appreciate a happy, sweet, loving woman, not a cranky, janky, chick with a burnt attitude. Don't become that sorry woman who's wearing life like a musty old coat with holes in the pockets, so she can't hold onto anything good. Be better than that. Be the sweet, sexy, fun girl that leaves people feeling better than she found them. Let God restore you and prepare you to love again. You're good enough.

My Fifty Year Old Self - This is your time to live your dreams. This is your time to revel in your own greatness and shine in your own light. This is the time to define success, peace and happiness on your own terms and don't try to make your life please anyone else. This is the time to get so close to God that He becomes your best friend and your most trusted and loyal advocate. This is the time to enjoy relationships to the fullest because you've learned the meaning of friendship, reciprocity and sisterhood. This is the time to work as much or a little as you want to, depending on what you really want out of life. This is the time when you can choose what makes you happy and create the life you want to life. This is the time when you can relax about love and romance and sexuality. This is NOT the time to explain yourself to people. Just be you, do you and love you! Period!

As long as you love yourself well, you won't crack up and fall apart if you don't have a man in your bed every night. And when true love comes again, it will be on your terms, in a way that suits your taste and style and not a thing of desperation. Just remember to trust God to choose the person and set the process, because He will make it all work and make it all make sense.

Money is important, but it's not the most important thing in life. True happiness is found in making your life beautiful on the budget that works for you. Learn to work with what God provides, living with the expectation and understanding that more will always come. He is extravagantly wealthy, an excellent provider and He does indeed take care of His own. Take each day as it comes. Love hard, love well, love intentionally, love apologetically and enjoy the ride.You're good enough!

Happy Birthday To Me

Ap. Mimi 💜


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