When Dreams Become Reality

Writing has always been a passion of mine... So has getting to know people. From the time I was a child, I was surrounded by different kinds of people, from all parts of the world. My ears have always heard different languages, my eyes have seen so many kinds of faces and my mouth has tasted all kinds of foods. So, literally, I became a child of the world by the time I had lived one decade. And while all this happened in my home and on the streets of Los Angeles, I'm now living my dream of exploring the world and other cultures while spending time in Kenya, South Africa and living here in Ghana. 

Through my travels as a missionary, I've been building relationships with people from various nations - some of whom have become my best and closest friends. I think for me personally, the most exciting thing, is how I've been able to use my time in Africa to write. Yes... this place truly inspires me to create some really good writing... And it's been a most amazing journey... So, so good! 

But here's the thing... This isn't just about the writing and getting on planes to see new places. It's about the journey to leave my fears and insecurities behind to pursue my best self. It's about coming out of hiding and agreeing, unapologetically, with the greatness that God says is within me. It's about being true to that authentic identity, when others could not or would not acknowledge the beauty of who I am and all the good things my life presents to the world. These issues became walls of frustration in the form of self-doubt and stagnation that caused me to under-try and under-achieve and I was none to happy about that. 

I knew something had to change before time ran out, because tomorrow is not promised to any of us. And I did not want to leave this earth, leaving any part of my divine purpose unfilled and unrealized. So I looked above and I looked within and I asked God, to do in me what must be done, so I could do all that I needed to do for Him. That's when things started to change. I went through a process of reprogramming my thinking and resetting my vision until I began to see myself, my gifts, my worth and value as God sees me and as I pressed through the process, eventually those walls crumbled! 

Glory to God!

When I stopped waiting for permission to be awesome, and started using my gifts, with focus and intentionality, with the purpose of helping to change my world, then the opportunities came calling! One such open door was an invitation to become a part of a book collaboration called.

"The Marriage Chronicles: A Guide To A Resilient Marriage."

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This book is not about how to have a perfect marriage, but it shares wisdom on how to develop a resilient marriage with something I like to call, "Boucebackability!" 

It's learning that marriages can go through some stress and struggles and hard times and keep bouncing back! I love that because people need to know this! They need to know that marriage may be divinely appointed, but it takes human effort and divine intervention to make it work well. 

It takes a daily decision to keep at it and to keep bouncing back from the challenges and difficulties that come with marriage. It takes choosing to pray and not faint, to stay and stand and not give up before you grow up together and learn how to be a strong support to one another. It takes choosing your spouse, over and again, committing to love them beyond their faults, and to consistently give them your best self, every day, until death parts you. 

That's the essence of what The Marriage Chronicles is all about and I'm so honored to be a part of this amazing collaborative work with some other powerful women of God. More info on this exciting new book is coming soon. 

See what I mean??? This season of my life has been so extraordinary and exciting, as God has placed me in Ghana, not just for missions work, but to give me the time and space to create again. As He's restored my inspiration to write, He's helped me to rediscover my literary voice. For you see, I started out writing some years ago and actually got some books published. But then my life took this crazy turn when my husband got sick and our family was thrown into this sad, downward spiral that lasted seven years. After years of turmoil, loss and struggle, we ended up saying goodbye to the man we all loved and appreciated so much. And when He graduated to heaven and we all had to start our lives over again. 

At that time, I was depleted and conflicted about what I needed to do next and where my life was supposed to go. Thankfully, God had a plan and through those seven years of struggle, He had become my best friend. So I had a great place to start the rebuilding process. Today, after all that I've endured, all that I've learned, and as I've done the work to rebuild my life, God has produced some really good things in and through me. And as He is bringing so many new opportunities, I'm ready to answer the call and step onto that stage! 

Yes! Finally, my dream of becoming a world known, published author had become a reality! It's my time, and I'm ready to soar! And I could not be more thrilled!!! I give God all the praise!

Also... Please be on the look out for my new novel, "Blackberry Cobbler" that I've been writing about in previous posts. Here and Here. More info to come on this release date as well!

Peace, Blessings and Please... Don't be afraid to pursue your dreams! No matter what people say... It's worth it! 

Ap. Mimi 


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