Reclaim Your Time

I'm hearing God give a reminder this morning, to not become so overwhelmed by everything going on in the world around you. There are specific things that are within the scope of your daily assignments and responsibility - for yourself and for others. Those things are the priority for you and you should guard against anything else becoming a distraction. 

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You know something has become a distraction when it begins to steal your attention, your time and ultimately your peace when you can't get your necessary things done. When those essential elements of your life begin to fall off, things get out of balance and you start to suffer. 
But it's not the fault of the outside influences... 

It's an issue with you not adequately controlling your focus and not setting effective priorities and boundaries. If you're not intentional about making your life work well by setting practices in place to make sure everything gets done, just as it should, there will be problems. 

Begin by taking a serious look at your life, responsibilities, habits and your schedule. Examine what are the essential priorities that must get done and identify the unnecessary things that have become distractions, then diminish or eliminate them all together. 

You may have to have some difficult conversations with people who are taking up more of your time and attention than you can afford to give and reclaim that time. You need to examine how much time is being spent on social media, watching television, going to events or spending time on hobbies and crafts. If you're not being productive during any of that time, you may need to reclaim that time. You may not need to completely cut out the activities, but set limits on how much time to invest in those things to bring some balance to your life.

Most importantly, pray and ask God to define and clarify the kingdom assignments He's given you and let any other "church work" go. If it's not something that God has specifically told you to do, then you may not need you need to be doing it, especially if you really don't want to do but, you just can't seem to say no... And that's an problem. 

You can be busy doing a lot of good things that aren't really 'God' things. Those activities can be time stealers and you need to reclaim that time as well. 

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Yes, we're all busy, but our goal is to be productive and effective in our efforts and not constantly feel like we're being overwhelmed by life. You can get it all done by reclaiming your time and managing it well.

Hope this helps someone...

Ap Mimi


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